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    Default Maton CW 80 headstock stain ?

    Hello again,

    I need to redo the headstock veneer on a 1970 6 string Maton CW80.

    I have tracked down a replacement Maton logo (pale cream), and Maton have kindly told me that the stain is rose maghogany over QLD Walnut. To the naked eye, the headstock colour is very dark red, bordering on black if you just took a glance. The vertical grain of the walnut is all but hidden.

    Ive posted a photo below, but not sure how to do the job in terms of compatibility between the stain (oil, spirit, or water based ?), the clearcoats and the water based transfer.

    I can spray acrylic lacquer or Wattyl Stylwood or hand apply truoil over a stain. The logo is supposed to be compatible with acrylic laquer, but it may be compatible with other clearcoats.

    Has anyone done what I have to do to this vintage maton headstock and can give me the information I seek ?




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    This is a job that has a lot of potential to quickly turn into an ugly mess - acrylics definitely not - tru oil dont even think about it - Solvent base cellulous finishes were used by Maton in those days -
    from your comments I would suggest you take the logo and the guitar to some one who knows what they are doing - A guitar restoration expert is required
    this is beautiful old guitar - please don't damage the finish
    ray c
    dunno what's more fun, buyin' the tools or usin' em'

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