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    Default More Tenor Ukuleles - Wild with Grain

    This is intended to show some what I call wild instruments. Wild with the grain!

    I've seen commercial instruments with painted finishes but in some cases wood can provide all the decoration necessary it seems. In the case of Richard these are some of many of the timbers I supplied him for guitars and ukes (mostly Australian but not all).. they had so much figure and pizzazz which are show here. That all required skill working and finishing but he was clearly up to the task IMO. I cant recal all the woods that were used, but have done the best


    Oreo pinn.JPG
    Above & Below: Woods: Dorrigo silky oak shows bold figure and very high luster. Purpleheart / Amaranth fretboard & bridge & edging. Neck is probably satinwood / satinbox

    Oreo pin.JPG

    SO uke .jpg

    Above: Nthn Silky Oak top unsure of other wood... will add when I find out

    Edit: "Celery Top Pine neck and Gidgee fretboard and bridge, with an oiled finish to maximise the timbersí resonance." (quote from maker RNS)

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    wow those pop I attempted to use some sequoia for the body of a ukulele I attempted to make but had no luck it was subject to splitting so I used walnut instead with similar oak sides, looks ok for a first attempt haven't had a play yet but hopeful of melow tone. Not a great subject to make first up without plans just copied from ukulele I have.

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