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    Default Portable Stereo Bluetooth speaker build.

    Hi all,

    Thought I might move this one away from my toys thread.
    My boss bought a Milwaukee portable speaker and while it wasn't bad(for a $60 speaker) on axis it the upper mids were gone as soon as you were a few degrees off axis. I figured I'd make a basic bluetooth speaker with decent off axis response, I have used Dayton drivers in the past and have liked them so I went with them again.

    Parts list-
    Dayton AMT Mini-8
    Midrange- Dayton ND65-8
    Bluetooth Receiver- Lusya CSR8675 Wireless Lossless Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Stereo Receiver(from AliExpress)
    Amplifiers- Two TPA3116 two-channel 50W + 50W amps(again AliExpress), speakers will be bi amped with passive crossovers.
    Crossovers 12dB oct- Dayton inductors and Jaycar caps, two resistors in a series parallel config to knock 7dB off the tweeters' output, there will be a 6dB high pass at 20Hz for the mids-Nichicon Muse caps from memory.
    Box- Poorly made ply and fibreglass enclosure, volume is around 1.1L after speaker displacement and port volume is deducted, the left is actually about 50mL less than the right as the amplifiers will use some real estate so I'll put a bit more dacron in that side.

    I am no cabinet maker so my work is a bit rough but it will all work okay and will be used on job sites and moved with greasy hands.







    Parts are sadly at least a couple of weeks away, the back will have a speaker cloth cover and the ports will go in to some timber extensions so it should look a tad better.

    EDIT- In the crossover pic the resistors are in the wrong orientation and a couple of jumper wires are yet to be added.

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    I certainly would not mind that sitting on my work bench,
    I think you have done a great job

    Not having a clue about electrical stuff is something like that hard to make
    Here Iím asking about all the electronic stuff [emoji849].

    Cheers Matt.

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    A lot of people run the Daytons I am using as a mid on their own, they are a fairly capable full range driver. If you chose to do similar you just need one or two speakers, a power source and an amp with a built in Bluetooth module.

    ND65-8 2-1/2" Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 8 Ohm Specification Sheet

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