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  1. Norton Bear-Tex Hand Sanding Pads

    This week we are highlighting our Norton Bear-Tex Hand Sanding Pads!

    We stock an extensive range of different colours and grades to suit all your sanding needs. Check them out on the website now....
  2. 125 mm diameter 1000 to 4000 grit foam sanding disc COMBO!

    Take a look at our new 125 mm diameter foam sanding disc combo!

    This combo is great for sanding and polishing epoxy resin.

    The combo includes 1 disc of 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 & 4000 grits.
  3. NEW sia 7990 Combination Foam Sanding Blocks

    The Sandpaper Man is now stocking sia 7990 Combination Foam Sanding Blocks!

    These are available in Medium, Fine & Super Fine Grades.

    Check them out :)

  4. 125 mm diameter 2000 & 3000 grit Wet & Dry Sanding Discs

    We are now stocking 2000 & 3000 grit hook and loop sanding discs!

    These are available in packs of 5 or boxes of 100.

    These discs are a popular choice for sanding epoxy resin.

  5. BOSCH GEX 125-1 AE Random Orbital Sander

    The Sandpaper Man is now stocking the BOSCH GEX 125-1 AE Random Orbital Sander. Check it out below!

  6. Now Stocking 125 mm diameter Foam Discs - 1000 to 4000 grit!

    The Sandpaper Man is now stocking 125 mm diameter sia 7940 siaair foam hook & loop sanding discs!

    Washable and Reusable. Available in grits ranging from 1000 to 4000.

  7. NEW 125 mm diameter 60-240 grit 8 Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Combo

    Take a look at our newest combo: 125 mm 60-240 grit Sanding Disc Combo

    Includes 60, 80, 120, 180 & 240 grit sanding discs!

  8. Good Morning, No it is not a necessity. It...

    Good Morning,

    No it is not a necessity. It will simply protect the hook and your back-up pad and therefore extend its life. Back-Up Pads can be rather expensive which is why we suggest using a...
  9. FESTOOL Protection Pad for Mesh Net Discs

    This week we are highlighting our 150 mm diameter FESTOOL Protection Pad for Mesh Net Sanding Discs

    The lightweight foam adapts to curves and contoured surfaces delivering a consistent finish.
  10. Click Frenzy - 10% Off Sanding Discs!

    Click Frenzy Sale - Get 10% Off All Sanding Discs!

  11. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Single Sided Sanding Sponges

    This week we are highlighting our sia Single Sided Sanding Sponges!

    Our sia Sponges are available in a variety of grades to suit all sanding applications.⁠

    Grades available include medium,...
  12. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - NEW 125 mm diameter 320-1500 grit 8 Hole Hook & Loop Disc Combo

    Take a look at our NEW 125 mm diameter 8 Hole 320-1500 grit Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Combo!
    Contains 5 discs of 320, 400, 600, 800, 1200 & 1500 grit.

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    End of financial year offer!

    Take advantage of The Sandpaper Man's End of Financial Year Deal! :U

    FREE DELIVERY on all online orders over $200. Enter Discount Coupon EOFY21 at Checkout.

  14. Product Highlight - NEW 125 mm diameter 8 Hole Hook & Loop Interface Pad

    Take a look at our new Foam Interface Pad with an 8 Hole Dust Extraction Pattern.

    The 16 mm foam layer provides greater softness and support when sanding to improve your final finish!

  15. Product Highlight - NEW 150 mm diameter Epoxy Resin Sanding & Polishing Kit

    This week The Sandpaper Man is highlighting our NEW 150 mm diameter Epoxy Resin Kit.

    This is the perfect kit for sanding, finishing & polishing your resin projects.

    Includes detailed...
  16. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Norton Abrasive Restorer

    Our Product Highlight for this week is our popular Norton Abrasive Restorer!

    Add one to your Sandpaper order today.

  17. New Products Added to Our Clearance Section!

    The Sandpaper Man has added a range of new products to our Clearance Section!

    Take advantage of these significantly discounted prices on Fibre Discs, Norton Paper Rolls, Dust Masks & MORE!
  18. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - 125 mm diameter Epoxy Resin Sanding Kit

    This week The Sandpaper Man is highlighting our NEW 125 mm diameter Epoxy Resin Sanding Kit.

    Ideal for sanding, finishing and polishing your resin projects!

    Click the image below to check our...
  19. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Dry Rub Sandpaper Sheets

    This week The Sandpaper Man is highlighting our extensive range of Dry Rub Sandpaper Sheets.

  20. Hi China, The 3M Microfinishing Lapping Film...

    Hi China,

    The 3M Microfinishing Lapping Film is an adhesive backed sandpaper sheet and has a film backing.

    Depending on which Micro-Mesh products you are looking at specifically, they are...
  21. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - 3M Microfinishing Lapping Film Combo

    This week The Sandpaper Man is highlighting our 3M Microfinishing Lapping Film Combo.

    Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Sheets
    Contains 1 sheet each of 40, 15, 5, 1 and 0.3 micron.
    Used for...
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    10% Off Graphite Slip Cloth!!!

    The Sandpaper Man is offering 10% Off Graphite Slip Cloth for TODAY ONLY (Tuesday 27th April 2021)

    Available in 150 mm and 200 mm wide lengths.
    Used to extend the life of your sanding...
  23. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Hook & Loop Converter

    This week The Sandpaper Man is highlighting our Hook & Loop Converter!

    Extensive range of sizes available with varying dust extraction patterns!
    This Converter updates your existing power...
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    10% Off All Drum Sander Rolls!

    The Sandpaper Man is currently offering 10% Off All Drum Sander Rolls!

    Extensive range of widths and grits available.

    Hurry! This deal ends 11:59 pm Tuesday 20/4/21.

    Enter the code...
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    Check out our KLINGSPOR Mac Mops!

    Our KLINGSPOR Abrasive Mac Mops feature a 1/4" fixing spindle that will fit any drill chuck, without the need for fancy equipment!

    The flexible lengthwise slashed flaps are especially suited to...
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    Do you have a Festool Sander?

    The Sandpaper Man is stocking 90 mm Hook & Loop Sanding Discs! :U

    Ideal for Festool RO 90 mm Rotex Sanders.
    7 Hole Dust Extraction Pattern.
    Minimal Clogging, Maximum Removal & Long...
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    NEW Norton Expert P2 Dust Masks!

    Check out our NEW Norton Expert P2 Dust Masks!

    These masks are sold in packs of 3 for $11.48.
    Flexible adjustable aluminium nosepiece for maximum comfort.
    Large filter area for unimpaired...
  28. Check out out Mesh Net Sandpaper Range!

    Have you seen The Sandpaper Man's Mesh Net Sandpaper Products?

    Available in Hook & Loop Backed Discs and Rolls.
    Grits ranging from 80 to 400.
    Take advantage of full surface dust...
  29. New Belt Size - 25 mm x 762 mm! :)

    Check out the newest addition to our Sanding Belt Family! Our new belt size is 25 x 762 mm :U

    This great little belt is available in both Aluminium Oxide and Zirconia Grains in grits ranging...
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    Wet & Dry Sandpaper Sheet Combos!

    Did you know The Sandpaper Man stocks Wet & Dry Sheet Combos?⁠

    Contains 1 sheet of 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 & 7000 grits. ⁠
    This combo is perfect for trialling our finer Wet & Dry Sheets!⁠
  31. Product Highlight - Talc White 3M Conditioning Belt

    Talc White 3M Conditioning Belt

    Now available in a variety of sizes
    including 50 x 686 mm, 50 x 785 mm & 50 x 914 mm

    Talc Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Belt is a non-woven belt used for...
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    We are closing for a Christmas break, so get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.Our last despatch date for the year will be Tuesday, 22nd December,...
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    Hook & Loop Rolls

    Hook and Loop Rolls

    Available in 70, 76, 115 & 150 mm wide
    Purchased by the metre or
    in varying length rolls.

    Ideal for cutting your own shapes, sheets or discs.

    Available in Grit ranging...
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    sia Adhesive Backed Roll

    sia Adhesive Backed Rolls

    70 mm wide x 22.86 metre (25 yards).

    Dry Rub Adhesive Backed sia 1950 siaspeed.

    Ceramic and Aluminium oxide grain.
    Ideal for Paint, Varnish, Filler and Wood.
  35. Father's Day Sale 10% off storewide.

    Storewide Sale
    *excluding Festool products

    Treat yourself and your Dad this Father's Day

    10% off Store wide
    Saturday and Sunday Only!
    5th & 6th September 2020
  36. NEW! Hermes 25 m Flexible Cloth Backed Roll

    Hermes Flexible Cloth Backed 25 metre Roll

    100 mm wide highly flexible cloth backing.

    Close coated with active additives to guarantee cool sanding.

    Ideal for grinding wood, brass, tool...
  37. New Product - FESTOOL Granat Sandpaper Roll

    FESTOOL Granat Sandpaper Roll

    Hardened Aluminium oxide and Ceramic grain.
    Paper Backed roll with excellent durability.

    Suitable for timber, automotive and paint.

    Available in 115 mm wide...
  38. Product Highlight - Hook & Loop Converter

    Hook & Loop Converter

    This converter updates your existing power tool or accessory
    to the modern technology of the Hook & Loop system.

    The adhesive backing attaches
    to the base of your...
  39. Product Highlight 50 mm ASTRA Hook & Loop Discs

    50 mm ASTRA Hook & Loop Discs

    ASTRA Sandpaper is coated with the grain to form a pre-determined pattern structure.

    Prevents loading, reduces heat generation,
    lighter sanding pressure...
  40. New Products - KLINGSPOR Film Backed 125 mm Discs & 115 mm wide Roll

    New Products

    KLINGSPOR FP77 Hook & Loop Film Backed

    125 mm Discs and 115 mm wide Roll

    Available in 1200 and 1500 grit
    Film Backed Sandpaper
    can be used wet and dry
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    Machine Sizes

    Machine Sizes

    We have created a list of machines and the sandpaper to suit, for your convenience.

    Check it out today and find out what sandpaper you need as a replacement for your machine.
  42. 125 mm Foam Backed Hook & Loop Discs

    125 mm Foam Backed Hook & Loop Discs
    5 mm Foam Backing allowing uniform
    pressure distribution.
    Superior flexibility and adaptability on contours and profiles.
    Soft Sanding and extremely fine...
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    Dry Rub Sanding Sheets

    Dry Rub Sanding Sheets

    Did you know we stock both Norton A275 and A239?

    A275 are Norton's premium sheets, made in Canada. These sheets have a B-weight paper backing with latex fiber. This...
  44. Product Highlight - Norton Abrasive Restorer

    Norton Abrasive Restorer

    Industrial quality abrasive restorer for cleaning clogged sanding discs and belts.

    Regular use will extend the abrasive life and prevent build-up of resin, glue, filter...
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    Drum Sader Rolls

    Drum Sander Rolls

    We stock 25 metre Drum Sander Cloth Backed Rolls for cutting your own Drum Sander wraps. Cutting your own wraps is far more economical than purchasing pre-cut wraps.

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    Graphite Slip Cloth

    Looking for Graphite Slip Cloth for your portable belt sander, edge sander or wide belt sander?
    We stock Hermes GL581 Graphite Slip cloth 150 and 200 mm wide, and sell it in 100 mm increments....
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    Festool Sander Promotion :)

    Festool Sander

    Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ Random Orbital Sander Plus
    Bonus offer available now
    Call or Email for product information
    and the promotion inclusions
    07 3396 4457 or...
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    Australia Day Competition

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    Christmas Holiday Break.

    Happy Christmas from the team at The Sandpaper Man!
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patronage over the past year.
    Our office will be closed for Christmas...
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    Drum Sander Rolls in Stock!

    Drum Sander Rolls are in Stock. Check out our Wide Range of grits in stock now and ready for Immediate Despatch. Available in 76 mm wide, or 102 mm wide. Cut Your Own Drum Sander Wraps and Save...
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