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  1. Replacing aluminum windows in brick veneer house

    Struggling a bit with being confident in myself that I will give the correct measurements to a window contractor to replace my existing aluminum windows.

    The current windows aren't flush with the...
  2. Prepping architrave and skirting for paint.

    Hey guys, so all my skirting and arcs (primed mdf with two coats of paint already ) have been shot to the wall. Wondering if i just use a multi purpose filler to fill the nail holes and then sand...
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    2.34m ceiling - Options?

    My first post here everyone, be gentle!

    I have done quite a bit of reading on this and am still unsure on the best way to proceed.

    I have two full renovated rooms on the bottom floor of my...
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    Safe to remove stud wall?

    I have an extension on the back of my house with a skillion sheet roof which spans 4.3m. I had a look in the roof cavity via the bathroom exhaust fan and the rafters run down from the original house...
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    Help with Quote


    I am new to this forum. I would like to get expert opinion from you guys. I bought old 2 bedrooms house at gold coast and want to convert garage into two beds and upgrade bathroom.

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    Back yard drainage

    Hi all,
    I'm planning on building a deck in the back yard.
    Currently there is very poor quality concrete there and its fall is that water actually runs along the house itself instead of away....
  7. Need new/replacement whipper snipper head (again)

    following on from this thread
    which just expired the 365 days :)

    am into my 2nd season with the alloy head.
    have got used to replacing...
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    MGP10 OR MGP12 Timber Stud Walls

    Hi there, I was wondering the difference in MGP10 and MGP12 when constructing timber stud walls. I'm guessing MGP12 would be required for loadbearing walls? MGP10 non loadbearing? Reason I'm asking...
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    I've got mail...

    got these from the junk shop

    toolbox with secret compartment

    toolbox secret latch.jpg

    toolbox secret compartment.jpg
  10. Adding lining boards over lining boards

    I am renovating a timber cottage with old painted v jointed lining boards. The boards are sound, some cracking, but have loads of lead paint finish. I would like to just re-line over the old boards...
  11. Aluminium sliding door exposed on the bottom

    Hi folks
    Recently we had sliding screen door installed but the bottom frame extends 70mm and it is about 70mm above the external section of the slab. I had guys installing screens today but they...
  12. Extending single storey free standing unit into two storey unit - is it possible?

    Hi all, I live in a strata unit in Manningham VIC, there are 5 single storey free standing units in the block.
    There is also a strata units next door that have couple of single storey and two storey...
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    Word to the wise...

    the Microsoft call scam has morphed into the Telstra Internet Connection support desk, scam.
    "for the past three weeks we have been receiving error messages from your internet connection...blah,...
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    Sliding screen door lock stuck


    The lock in our sliding screen door seems to be stuck - the latch won't turn and is stuck as if it was locked (it could be though!). The key on the cylinder can turn both ways but there's no...
  15. Notch bearer for plumbing Advice please

    Hi All,

    I had my plumber visit on Saturday morning to investigate and quote for running the waste and water supply for my bedroom to bathroom conversion. I have the floor up in the hallway where...
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    Mixing fence materials

    I'm planning on putting up a front fence and considering to use mixed materials. My current plan is, for every two panels of colour bond, there will be a narrow timber section. Something like...
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    Blue board boundary fence

    Hi to you all,

    I like to build a blue board boundary fence in the front yard in which it will be rendered. Are blue board fences actually sturdy? I've read that it's essentially a polystyrene...
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    Tree stump removal

    Hi guys after cutting a tree in the garden I was left with a tree stump and after research about its removal I tested this method.
    It will not be the fastest but it certainly is cheap and the...
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    Shed lean to addition

    Hi everyone,
    I'm thinking about adding a lean to greenhouse to the side of our shed.
    I will be using timber framing with a poly-carb roof and I'm looking for suggestions on how to fix the rafters...
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    Window flashing for weatherboard house

    I am looking at getting some metal flashing similar to the pic below, however the place where I want to buy it from has 14 different shapes and they don't look anything like the below pic...
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    Concrete work benches

    What do you guys think about concrete work benches in a workshop?

    We're looking at a concrete bench top for an upcoming laundry renovation and I'd like to have a go making it myself by trialling...
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    Crap work done by DIY or Tradies

    Thought I would start a new topic on work you go to fix either done by DIY or supposed "tradies"

    Below is one I just went to for a door job, all too familiar scenario I have seen many times...
  23. Can you recommend a Good Carpenter/ Door Installer in Sydney

    Hi all,

    We are in the process of renovating our property and the carpenter has let us down installing 3 doors very badly (upside down, chopped up hinge mortises etc) and we are looking for a good...
  24. Outdoor kitchen build. What to put underneath and at sides of built in barbeque

    Hi guys, I'm building an out door kitchen (when it's under a verandah) and just wondering how to heat proof the surround of the built in bbq.
    I'm using off the shelf cabinets and timber frame in...
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    architraves to metal frame fixing

    I was looking for the Buildex Countersunk Extended Point Tek screws on the Bunnings website with no luck. I hate looking for screws on that site as there is no individual screw pic, just pics of...
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    How to pre-prime cedar shakes?

    Hi, This is my first post, I am looking for advice on how best to pre-prime shakes. A contractor said the only way he would do it is to prime both sides of the shakes. But then another contractor...
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    Glass safety mark

    Hi all

    Is this going to be sufficient for a Council inspector? This is in a door so needs to be AS1288 / AS2208

    It's a (overstock, so didn't come with any compliance certs) Stegbar door so...
  28. Irrigation Clamps - Cobra clips vs just plastic poly ratchet clamps

    I will be installing a system with 13mm dripline off a bore, many part of the line will then be buried under gravel or mulch etc, I dont want issues with the standard plastic poly ratchet clamps...
  29. Spirit level pivots underneath bearer 300mm from pier by around 3mm

    Today I put a spirit level on the underside of a bearer in the bathroom area in the vicinity where the tiles had cracked.
    The spirit level pivots underneath the bearer 300mm or 400mm from the pier...
  30. Garage door- tapered or not (acceptable gap)?


    I am replacing a garage roller door and pedestrian door combo with a full-width roller door.

    The problem is there is a slight slope on the garage floor, that is more pronounced across the...
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    Help with quoting first fix carpentry

    Hi guys,

    Im nearing the end of my carpentry apprenticeship and was hoping to get some insight to the art of quoting - first fix especially but also second fix.

    Working for a boss i dont...
  32. Stacking sliding doors on uneven alfresco

    I have an alfresco area under cover with a concrete slab, I'm looking to put stacking sliding doors in the opening measuring 4.3m x 2.1m.

    The issue I have is there is a slope from one side to...
  33. H4 treated pine,if cut, does it retain its rating? or what do you do?

    I need to get some H4 treated pine for garden edging that will be slightly in the ground about 50mm, if I cut it to size, will that end have to be treated with something again to stop it rotting and...
  34. Treated Pine vs LVL vs Hardwood - Wet Area

    Need to get some wood for new additional joists under a wet area (bathroom).

    LVL doesn't like getting wet.
    Hardwood is more expensive and a lot of readily available hardwood isn't really termite...
  35. Cordless lawn mowers - anyone used one and can recommend?

    I'm looking to buy a 36V battery-powered lawnmower. Can someone offer pros and cons about the model you have used?

    I don't have a budget; rather, looking for something that cuts well.

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    Building inspector Adelaide

    Can someone recommend a good building inspector in Adelaide for a NEW build?
    I have decided to go ahead with my built, I need a building inspector after the slab, frame and roofing stage is done, to...
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    Cavity sliding door

    I've got 2 hinged doors side by side. On the left I want it covered up as a wall. On the right, I want that door to be a cavity sliding that moves into the 'new' wall.

    I was quoted $2500 for the...
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    Help with floor after wall removed

    G'day all, I have been lurking around this very informative forum for ages but now I am looking for a little advice.
    I have removed an internal wall which leaves a gap in the flooring. I am going...
  39. Triple grips instead of skew nailing joists to bearers, NSW

    Much googling reveals that attaching a triple grip on both sides of a joist to a bearer using correct nails is a far more secure method of attaching a joist to a bearer.

    Where does it say that in...
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    How to hinge this?

    Hi guys,

    I need to make a door for a storage are that opens up like a garage door. I'm planning to use some form of gas strut to take the weight but I have no idea how to hinge this door so that...
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    Anybody know where I can get

    the "fabric" that is attached to the edged of my roller doors and acts as the "low friction" wear surface/runner on my Roller Doors? Mines a bit threadbare

    Read the full thread at...
  42. Fly Screens suitable for a Queenslander

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum here :)

    We have just purchased an old home, it's a Queenslander style home (possibly Ashgrovian??). We have a LOT of casement windows, some french doors as well as...
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    Single sleeper retaining wall?


    The previous owner of our house raised the ground level to a level too high. I can't afford to get a excavator in to scrape the entire yard to the plan is to dig a path out from the house...
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    Ridge Beam Support

    Iím planning to convert my back skillion roof to a pitch colourbond roof with an attic. The existing front roof is hip and valley with tiles.

    The engineer insisted on using a ridge beam instead...
  45. External door jamb on top of door sill or on the sides

    Is there a general consensus on whether the door jamb should sit on top of the door sill or whether it should be on the sides of the door sill?
    My door jamb supplier says either would be fine but...
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    Fitting window to existing wall

    Okay, so I have been restoring and double glazing some big old Timber Victorian Sidelight windows, very slowly.

    Now I have a question regarding how the window sill will sit in the wall and what...
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    Looking for tools in Perth?

    Ross's Auctioneers are having a Police Unclaimed Goods auction this coming Welshpool...

    I had a look and there's lots of tools...
  48. FRIDGE RACK COATED IN WHITE PLASTIC- damaged plastic exposing wires-- paint? Silicon?


    I just got myself s bargain and bought a commercial glass door front fridge second hand but spotless and only 6 months old..

    However,, aside from damaging the car as I was leaving with...
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    Blocking LVL to SubFloor Joists

    I have to remove yellow tongue chipboard in the bathroom and will replace with Scyon Secura Interior. The chipboard was rotten in the shower area and there was cracking in the floor tiles, probably...
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    Blocking LVL to Joists

    I have to remove yellow tongue chipboard in the bathroom and will replace with Scyon Secura Interior. The chipboard was rotten in the shower area and there was cracking in the floor tiles, probably...
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