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  1. Back from Melbourne

    Started by powderpost, 18th June 2013 11:04 PM
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    Last Post: 20th June 2013 09:24 PM
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  2. cedar bowl

    Started by smiife, 10th February 2013 07:36 PM
    • Replies: 11
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    Last Post: 12th February 2013 08:22 PM
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  3. Shop made paring chisels

    Started by Wilco Flier, 1st January 2013 04:06 AM
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    • Replies: 17
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    Last Post: 10th January 2013 03:27 AM
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  4. A Few New Turnings

    Started by Little Festo, 28th October 2011 10:29 AM
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    320mm, 360mm, 380mm, approx, bit, bowl, carved, comments, crack, cracked, developed, diameter, dried, efforts, finished, flet, fluted, hoop, knot, peter, piece, pine, plain, recently, rim, ripple, tool, translucent, turnings, worthwhile
    • Replies: 18
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    Last Post: 30th October 2011 06:30 AM
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  5. Blackheart Sassafras

    Started by Scott, 27th September 2011 08:17 PM
    320mm, 60mm, apply, blackheart, bowl, diameter, finish, finished, ideas, loss, managed, piece, sanding, sassafras, sort, stunning, thick, timber
    • Replies: 5
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    Last Post: 27th September 2011 11:35 PM
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  6. New Spokeshave Home

    Started by MajorPanic, 19th September 2011 06:53 PM
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    30%, 320mm, 500mm, 96mm, carcase, cool, doh, door, earth, finished, gloss, growth, hand, held, home, idea, inserted, lacquer, magnets, n52, rear, rubbed, set, shut, spokeshave, spokeshaves, strong, top, wax, wink
    • Replies: 18
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    Last Post: 23rd September 2011 03:42 AM
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  7. Please instpect my stool too.

    Started by tea lady, 19th May 2010 07:02 PM
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    137313, 137314, 137315, 137316, 320mm, 400mm, close, contact, cool2, cos, diam, eucalypt, finish, floor, foot, furniture,, instpect,, moment, object, ring, robbos, robust, shellac, shrug, stool, trad, undernieth, wax
    • Replies: 30
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    Last Post: 21st May 2010 05:40 PM
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  8. Camphor laurel - Sydney

    Started by AlexS, 21st April 2010 06:15 PM
    320mm, camphor, couple, cutting, dia, eucalypt, fairly, free, home, largest, laurel, logs, neighbour, reckon, size, sort, sydney
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 21st April 2010 10:42 PM
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  9. Silky Giveaway

    Started by Woody60, 28th March 2010 12:15 PM
    $20, 1500mm, 320mm, 470mm, 500mm, black, brisbane, burnt, delivered, dressed, dump, garden, giveaway, holding, irrigation, live, log, people, pics, picture, pipe, plastic, set, silky, stump, tape, thin, toowoomba, types, week
    • Replies: 8
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    Last Post: 5th April 2010 07:19 PM
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  10. F&E TCT cutters review preliminary findings

    Started by hughie, 6th February 2010 02:09 PM
    1987, 320mm, 400, 560rpm, blank, chuck, circa, cup, cutter, cutters, dia, fande, findings, handle, hollowing, lathe, length, limited, months, piece, pine, preliminary, review, set, sn2, soaked, tct, test, tool, woodfast
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,117
    Last Post: 8th February 2010 10:24 PM
    by hughie  Go to last post
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 1,551
    Last Post: 6th February 2010 03:43 AM
    by aljunk  Go to last post
  11. wood turner in perth wa Im seeking

    Started by jasons, 12th December 2009 08:45 PM
    0411332664, 120mm, 320mm, ago, base, bayswater, beechborough, contact, email, hobbiest, job, lathe, lives, metro, passed, pedestal, perth, piece, previously, searching, seeking, site, siz, south, steve, support, thanksc, timber, turner, wood
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,686
    Last Post: 13th December 2009 03:56 PM
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  12. Band saw or table saw for toy-making?

    Started by Old farmer, 24th October 2009 05:28 PM
    250mm, 25mm, 320mm, 50mm, and/or, band, buy, correct, hard, hope, linisher, question, soft, stock, table, thickness, toy-making, toymaking, toys, width, wooden
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 3,468
    Last Post: 30th October 2009 07:55 PM
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  13. Has anyone seen 4mm Tile-Spacers?

    Started by Reno RSS Feed, 11th September 2009 11:00 PM
    1.5s, 200mm, 320mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, admit, batpig, blokey, brisbania, choose, dining, floors, greeting-grunt, kitchen, nice, northside, read, reckon,, sale, save, shower, spacer, spacers, terracotta, thread, tile-spacers, tiles, wondering
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,671
    Last Post: 11th September 2009 11:00 PM
    by Reno RSS Feed  Go to last post
  14. Turning wagon wheel hubs

    Started by Ironwood, 11th July 2009 07:28 PM
    110435, 110437, 320mm, accurately, bar, bloodwood, boring, cope, couple, depth, drier, found, hub, hubs, lot, measure, overhang, pieces, removed, resulting, sort, sound, stringy, toolrest, turning, wagon, wet, wheel, wood, yellow
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 5,050
    Last Post: 12th July 2009 11:03 PM
    by tea lady  Go to last post
  15. The repair job

    Started by powderpost, 1st February 2009 06:26 PM
    320mm, adjust, adjusting, ash, bad, bugger, cedar, coats, damaged, diameter, filled, finishing, fitted, grain, jim, job, lacquer, lathe, red, repair, rest, rim, sanding, sealer, silver, stop, suppose, thin, tool, yeah
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 1,711
    Last Post: 3rd February 2009 09:50 PM
    by Sawdust Maker  Go to last post
  16. high ceilings and canopy rangehood

    Started by Reno RSS Feed, 27th January 2009 01:40 PM
    1180mm, 3.1m, 320mm, 700mm, accessory, additional, benchtop, canopy, ceiling, ceilings, cover, covering, duct, extended, extends, flue, gap, internal, manufacturer, mount, mounted, purchase, rangehood, read,, sell, solve, suggestions, thread, wall
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,988
    Last Post: 27th January 2009 01:40 PM
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    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 3,591
    Last Post: 1st October 2008 03:28 PM
    by Stuart  Go to last post


  17. Bandsaw Lonsdale S.A.

    Started by Wood-duck, 8th September 2008 07:47 PM
    $1000, 240, 320mm, 470mm, 500, advertise, bandsaw, blade, blades, dads, degree, guide, height, lonsdale, meber, price, reasonable, s.a, sell, steel, suggested, suggestions, table, tilting, upright, volt
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,874
    Last Post: 8th September 2008 11:41 PM
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  18. 'sheet metal folder book' on ebay

    Started by burraboy, 24th April 2008 07:44 AM
    0.75mm, 320mm, appreciated, appropriately, bending, bit, board, book, comments, design, dimensions, draining, ebay, folder, heet, job, kitchen, league, machining, maximum, metal, purpose, reduce, sheet, sink, specifically, stainless, steel, virtually, width
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 24th April 2008 07:44 AM
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  19. Oopsie...

    Started by funkychicken, 16th February 2008 12:12 AM
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    3/4, 320mm, 5/8, bandsaw, bit, blade, bottom, common, cut, diameter, durden, easy2tsup, funky, guide, happy, hardwood, killed, oopsie, quality, rim, shaft, size, soundman, square, stuff, thick, top, up-down, wanna, wheel
    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 4,362
    Last Post: 12th March 2008 03:25 PM
    by Edwards  Go to last post


  20. dining table top

    Started by plunger, 24th January 2008 04:46 PM
    320mm, assume, boards, breadboard, dining, dowels, edge, edges, elongated, epoxy, flush, garry, glue, holes, join, loose, marri, move, muchrolleyes, outer, overkill, question, similar, suppose, table, tenons, timber, top, unglued, wide
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 2,479
    Last Post: 1st February 2008 11:57 PM
    by Different  Go to last post
  21. Redgum and Yellowbox Chopping Board

    Started by DJs Timber, 24th December 2007 12:28 PM
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    2tsup, 320mm, 38mm, 39mm, 40mm, 460mm, approximately, average, board, brothers, chopping, coat, finished, g/friend, handles, happy, imho, kringle, kris, leave, left, paraffin, pressie, putting, rebated, redgum, size, square, squares, yellowbox
    • Replies: 17
    • Views: 4,244
    Last Post: 14th January 2008 12:14 AM
    by Zarguld  Go to last post
  22. After the name of a geometric shape please

    Started by mick101, 20th July 2007 08:08 PM
    140, 320mm, answer, basic, bottom, box, concreting, correct, council, geometric, google, ground, other.long, pool, req, rest, shape, simply, sloped, sloping, square, story, swiming, town, vol
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 2,248
    Last Post: 20th July 2007 09:34 PM
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  23. Cutting Large Panels on the Table Saw

    Started by Knurl, 1st May 2007 09:52 AM
    320mm, aluminium, angle, clamp, cut, cutting, desired, dream, edge, forget, large, length, level, mdf, offcut, panel, panels, ply, run, set, simple, stays, straight, straight-edge, support, table, top, triton, wc2000
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 4,062
    Last Post: 25th May 2007 09:48 PM
    by Knurl  Go to last post
  24. Mango Bowl WIP. Vicmarc Shark Jaws.

    Started by Cliff Rogers, 3rd December 2006 04:34 PM
    2 Pages
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    12.5, 320mm, 400grit, ago, bit, bowl, cut, cyclone, diameter, dovetail, dry, eee, finished, foot, gripped, inside, jaws, mango, mounted, picked, plate, reversed, rub, shark, steve, trad, vicmarc, wax, weekend, wip
    • Replies: 27
    • Views: 3,207
    Last Post: 13th December 2006 09:59 AM
    by Cliff Rogers  Go to last post
  25. 6 Draw Box number 5

    Started by Babytoolman, 12th March 2006 07:20 PM
    140mm, 280mm, 320mm, bondall, box, camphor, draw, finished, gloss, laurel, number, picture, roger, wide
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 2,101
    Last Post: 14th March 2006 09:01 AM
    by ptc  Go to last post
  26. Casting resin inlay Platter

    Started by Little Festo, 16th March 2005 05:17 PM
    320mm, 75mm, adhere, black, bowl/platter, carnauba, casting, coats, cut, danish, dyed, eee, final, finnished, gilly, inlay, malachite, oil, peter, pieces, platter, post, resin, set, stephensons, terribly, test, unsupported, wax, weel
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 3,698
    Last Post: 23rd March 2005 08:16 PM
    by Hugh1  Go to last post
  27. No. Bowls per log

    Started by DavidG, 2nd December 2004 09:34 PM
    320mm, approx, bit, bowls, comment, dia, earlier, length, log, loose, piece, slice
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,188
    Last Post: 3rd December 2004 12:42 PM
    by DavidG  Go to last post
  28. Thicknessing service in Western Syd??

    Started by Phreddy, 8th November 2004 02:23 PM
    320mm, 40mm, board/boards, body, bookmatched, direct, electric, flamed, guess, guitar, laminate, machine, maple, odd, possibly, refinishing, remove, service, shape, shop, suggestions, syd, sydney, thickness, thicknessed, thicknessing, top, western, width
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,343
    Last Post: 8th November 2004 02:23 PM
    by Phreddy  Go to last post
  29. Rojek combination planer/thicknesser

    Started by Roger Peine, 27th June 2000 07:54 PM
    100+mm, 200mm, 320mm, animal, blades, combination, cons, coo-ee, cutter, dia, experience, folk, head, hearing, height, machines, planer or thicknesser, planer/thicknesser, planing, promising, pros, purchase, roj, rojek, thicknessing, width
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 3,256
    Last Post: 4th July 2000 04:39 PM
    by Roger Peine  Go to last post
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