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  1. Laser Engraving Cutting Service

    Started by Perfect Pens, 29th Mar 2014 07:02 PM
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    Last Post: 3rd Jan 2018 05:00 PM
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  2. Shopping list to convert to CO2 MIG (well GMAW really)

    Started by WelderMick, 30th Nov 2014 06:10 PM
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    • Replies: 18
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    Last Post: 10th Feb 2015 10:13 PM
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  3. Argon reg to CO2 bottle adaptor

    Started by Steamwhisperer, 11th Jan 2015 11:32 PM
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    Last Post: 18th Jan 2015 07:45 AM
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  4. Co2 Suppliers Brisbane

    Started by smidsy, 7th Jul 2014 02:31 PM
    $22, 60g, adapters, boc, bottle, bris, brisbane, brother, cheers, co2, cost, curious, cylinder, fitter, gas, hoses, investigation, northside, paid, paul, qualified, soda, stage, stream, supplier, suppliers
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    Last Post: 7th Jul 2014 03:24 PM
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  5. looking for a cad diagram for a wooden clock

    Started by woodman12, 5th Oct 2013 11:43 AM
    ,all, .would, 1/4, amuone, cad, clock, co2, cut, diagram, ike, laser, looked, mahogany, net, plywood, success, wooden
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    Last Post: 12th Jan 2014 01:03 PM
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  6. Sodium Silicate Supplier

    Started by GuzziJohn, 13th Oct 2013 09:12 PM
    advise, blog, co2, core, cores, difference, foundry, glass, grades, hardened, john, mentions, myfordboy, online, pottery, producing, product, production, readily, resources, sand, silicate, site, sodium, source, stores, stuff, supplier, supply, water
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    Last Post: 18th Nov 2013 08:56 PM
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  7. Argoshield vs CO2

    Started by hux, 19th Oct 2013 12:34 PM
    .9mm, 250, 2mm, 6.8kg, ally, argon, argoshield, bottle, bottles, cheaper, co2, contemplating, cylinder, difference, due, means, mild, months, move, notice, ownership, renting, sporadic, steel, straight, unimig, weld, welding, wire, wondering
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    Last Post: 23rd Oct 2013 09:49 PM
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    • Replies: 5
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    Last Post: 23rd Jun 2013 10:09 AM
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    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 6th May 2013 04:12 PM
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  8. CO2 with TIG Welding????

    Started by iron bark, 26th Mar 2013 03:24 PM
    9kg, appreciated, boc/airliquide, bottle, brewing, cheers, co2, days, exhorbitant, experiences, greatly, hobby, home, justify, mig, model, ned, process, reading, reminded, rental, required, stick/tig/plasma, thread, tig, units, welder, welding
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    Last Post: 26th Mar 2013 06:47 PM
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  9. Using argon mixture on a CO2 flux core wire

    Started by beefy, 12th Dec 2012 08:02 AM
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    Last Post: 21st Dec 2012 06:08 PM
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  10. Converting to LPG and CO2

    Started by spooled, 10th Jun 2011 04:49 PM
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    acetylene, advice, aware, change, cheap, cheaper, co2, convert, converting, copper, existing, flexible, found, gas, heaps, heaters, heavy, hose, lpg, negatives, over;, people, plumb, regs, run, structural, tips, welding, workshop, worth
    • Replies: 29
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    Last Post: 27th Jul 2011 11:30 AM
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  11. Co2 Gas

    Started by smidsy, 17th Jul 2011 10:20 AM
    bottle, bottles, cheaper, co2, commercial, cost, easier, gas, hire, live, lot, major, pay, pita, refill, refills, sodastream, standard, term, thinking
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    Last Post: 23rd Jul 2011 06:59 PM
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  12. Sheilding Gas - Where to get it.

    Started by ADH, 19th Feb 2011 03:43 PM
    6kg, advance, appreciated, ballarat, boc, bottle, buy, buying, cheaper, co2, companies, easier, fill, filled, gas, helpful, hire, mig, mix, option, pay, prefer, prices, region, replies, sheilding, shielding, suggestion, types, welder
    • Replies: 10
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    Last Post: 13th Mar 2011 10:54 PM
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  13. Misleading Gmaw and relative terms

    Started by Grahame Collins, 2nd Jan 2011 04:22 PM
    active, arc, co2, core, correct, description, entry, fcaw, feed, flux, gas, gasless, gmaw, helium, incorrect, inert, machines, mag, metal, mig, misleading, process, relative, shielded, shielding, supplementary, terms, type, welding, wire
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 2nd Jan 2011 06:45 PM
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  14. co2 for mig welding

    Started by wodstok, 13th Jul 2010 10:09 PM
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    co2, guys, heater, hey, mig, regulator, tom/wodstok2tsup, uoy, welding
    • Replies: 17
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    Last Post: 3rd Aug 2010 06:58 PM
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  15. co2 for mig welding

    Started by wodstok, 13th Jul 2010 09:43 PM
    co2, guys, heater, mig, migs, regulator, tom/wodstoku, welding
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    Last Post: 13th Jul 2010 10:07 PM
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  16. Keg system or parts wanted

    Started by regulated, 11th Apr 2010 02:38 PM
    advice, appreciated, bite, boc, bottle, brewing, bullet, buy, cheap, co2, cost, decided, effective, finally, greatly, info, keg, kegs, parts, purchase, refilled, rent, system, upgrade, wanted
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    Last Post: 12th Apr 2010 07:48 PM
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  17. Keg Setup Help Needed

    Started by neilb, 3rd Nov 2009 12:01 AM
    beer, bottle, city, co2, complete, connect, directions, double, equipment, fermented, fridge, gas, handling, info, keg, kegging, logan, needed, neil, play, properly, read, safe, set, setup, sorts, steel, understand, website, written
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    Last Post: 29th Nov 2009 01:41 PM
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  18. Gas differences

    Started by Single-phase, 19th Oct 2009 01:01 PM
    07=, 40=, 52=, 92%, 93%, 95%, argon, argoshield, bit, bite, boc, choose, co2, differences, expect, expensive, gas, light=, mixes, oxygen, penetration, price-shopped, remember, sake, suit, supa, supagas, suppliers, tri-mixes, wire
    • Replies: 3
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    Last Post: 19th Oct 2009 10:58 PM
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  19. New to this Forum

    Started by Stewart69, 10th Oct 2009 02:23 PM
    argon, arrival, awaiting, box, cheapo, co2, combination, ebay, forum, gas, house, jobs, jus, migs, purchased, sort, suitable, trailer, two??u, understand, welding, wondering
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: 11th Oct 2009 12:52 AM
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  20. TIG welding gas flow and current

    Started by Pete F, 2nd Sep 2009 01:59 PM
    amazed, amazingly, applied, argon, clacker, co2, correction, current, density, flow, gas, gasses, guess, incidentally, lpm, meter, mind, noticed, nozzle, pete, readings, regulator, steel, stick, talking, tig, undoubtedly, welding, welds, wondering
    • Replies: 13
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    Last Post: 7th Sep 2009 11:16 PM
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  21. One little big job

    Started by Marc, 27th Jul 2009 09:09 PM
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    0.9, argon, beam, big, bottle, build, co2, cored, deep, flat, flux, gas, green, grey, groove, job, material, overhead, remains, roll, section, sections, thick, top, universal, vertical, weld, welding, wide, wire
    • Replies: 59
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    Last Post: 30th Aug 2009 11:32 PM
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  22. MIG ARGON or CO2??

    Started by ptrott, 1st Feb 2006 05:09 PM
    $240, $270, argon, argoshield, bit, buy, changeover, changing, cheaper, co2, eeek, expensive, heater, job, makes, mig, obvious, phill, question, reason, reg, regulator, score, told, welding
    • Replies: 9
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    Last Post: 18th Jun 2009 09:19 PM
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  23. CO2 Mig Gas For Steel Welding

    Started by Turpy, 23rd May 2009 02:56 AM
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    6kg, addition, affect, beer, bottle, bottles, brew, bubbles, co2, creamier, edit, fee, finer, found, gas, gassed, head, home, mig, nitrogen, ongoing, pay, purchase, quality, rental, steel, weld, welder, welding, wondering
    • Replies: 24
    • Views: 13,815
    Last Post: 3rd Jun 2009 09:57 PM
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  24. water produced when welding?

    Started by blanco, 24th Aug 2008 12:53 PM
    1st, acetylene, carbon, chemistry, co2, correct, cutting, equation, explain, flux, fuel, heated, heating, instructor, iron, metal, oxygen, pool, produced, rods, school, water, welding
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 2,181
    Last Post: 28th Aug 2008 08:22 AM
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  25. Cooling the bit while drilling

    Started by Matt88s, 25th May 2008 02:12 PM
    acrylics, airguns, aka, alternately, bit, bring, builds, cartridges, co2, computer, constantly, cool, cooling, drilling, dusters, fewer, guns, head, hole, liquid, method, paintball, pretty, rattling, rig, setup, slowest, stuff, times, withdrawals
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 1,737
    Last Post: 29th May 2008 01:24 AM
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  26. Help with Pressure Barrl

    Started by QbnDusty, 20th Sep 2007 07:30 PM
    ago, aluminium, barrel, barrl, boots, bought, brew, brewers, cartridge, chemist, co2, found, geoff, holding, home, injecting, injector, net, pressure, pressurise, replacement, replacing, rings, searched, soda, stream, supplies, system, time, valve
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,213
    Last Post: 20th Sep 2007 08:25 PM
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  27. mig gas cylinder volume ?

    Started by barn, 13th Aug 2007 11:11 PM
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    $119.20, $135.64, $148.90, $162.95, $91.06, argon, boc, co2, comparison, cost, cylinder, cylinders, diff, disposable, fill/hire, gas, jobs, mig, months, realy, rental, seller, site, size, steel, tells, volume, web, welding
    • Replies: 31
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    Last Post: 18th Aug 2007 06:07 PM
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  28. Laser Engraving Services

    Started by sirebral, 7th Mar 2007 08:40 AM
    2tsup, adding, beautiful, co2, computer, controlled, cutting, design, engrave, engraving, extra, forward,, ideas, keith, laser, madaras, perfect, personalized, reality, results, service, services, system, touch, utilizes, visit, website, wood,
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 7th Mar 2007 08:40 AM
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    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,724
    Last Post: 22nd Jan 2007 10:00 AM
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