Silver Knights Billiard Cue with Gold,Silver,Sapphire inlays - Frigyes Art

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Added by: Frigyes Art, 1st Jan 2017
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SILVER KNIGHTS The cue, which revives the spirit of the age of knights, has been made with the inlay of gold, silver and some sapphire patterns, and with the use of pieces of antlers and leather. This unique billiards cue was made after 1560 workhours. Careful preparation preceded the making procedure, meaning precise designing and accurate choice of the right materials. Its ornament is made of fine gold and silver plates, the thoroughly elaborated and hand-carved 1128 inlays and the 20 sapphire marquetries give the cue a remarkable sight. It has a hand-made wooden box covered inside with leather-work and it is also decorated with inlays. Its silver hinge has a sapphire chasing with a flowery pattern. The chasing is painted with high gloss lacquer coat and it is nicely polished. All these features make this cue unique and highly elegant. Materials used for the work: 9ct yellow gold, 925 silver, sapphire, hungarian akac macassary ebony, ebony, american walnutRead more

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