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Wood Turning - An Earing Holder
I turn an Ear Ring Holder from Goncalo Alves, a tropical hardwood.Inspired by Andy Coates RPT

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Latest Comments
WhatMomKnows I've Seen Every Wood (species) - ukulele
I love your Wood song ;-) I WILL for sure go check out your youtube channel.....Its fantastic!!!
09:19 AM, 3rd May 2019 WhatMomKnows
Restoring My Grandfather's Splitting Maul
Nice! It will be great if you can save it for your grandchild!
05:22 PM, 23rd Feb 2019 aminul71
So much concentrated to your work. very good!
05:05 PM, 23rd Feb 2019 aminul71
I've Seen Every Wood (species) - ukulele
Great adaption of a classic. For the record, the original was written by Australian songwriter Geoff Mack in 1962. The original version was with Australian place names. Mack rewrote the song with American places for Hank Snow (using an atlas), but only after the song was a big hit in Australia for a country singer named Lucky Starr. The song has been adapted to many countries since, and many people have recorded covers. My favourite was by a comedy group here in Australia, who did most of the song with one place name - 'Wollongong', with the occasional 'Dapto' thrown in (Dapto is a suburb of Wollongong).
12:28 PM, 20th May 2018 bruceward51