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    Default First time tiler

    What's the best/ easiest to use/easiest to clean adhesive to use on a laundry wall for a first time tiler?

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    For a first time user I would probably go with a one pot mastic like Davco Supermastic. Any one-pot mastic are much the same, head to a tile shop and ask for their recommendation. If you had the mixing tool, I would use a powdered adhesive. The only one I use these days is Aba Powerstick Plus. I have used Mapei Keraflex and it is good too, but it is not white, which is a consideration for a new tiler if you are going to use a light colured/white grout. If you don't clean your grout lines scrupulously before grouting you'll end up with it looking mouldy from the start. So yeah, make sure it is a white adhesive. The two I recommended are white, both are easy to use. You might also get a bit more waste with the powdered one until you get your quantity estimation down pat.

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    just don't go tiling an area that will get wet regularly with that mastic stuff else ya tiles wont stay on the wall for too long.

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